Some CAR T therapies are approved and some are being investigated in clinical trials.

CAR T Academy

Informational modules for US healthcare providers

The 10 modules comprising the CAR T Academy review concepts across the CAR T patient journey. They can serve as informational snapshots to complement your knowledge of the CAR T process and underlying science. The modules are discrete entities—they can be perused as a series or reviewed individually for information on specific topics.

Following the Summary at the end of each module PDF is a downloadable acknowledgment of completion. The last module includes a Q&A for review.

Module 1: CAR T 101

Learn about the mechanism of disease and the role of the immune system, the CAR T cell mechanism of action, the role of CAR T therapy in hematologic malignancies, CAR T cell manufacturing and processing, an overview of the patient journey, and eligibility criteria.

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Module 2: Patient Considerations for CAR T Cell Therapy

Learn about the patient journey through the CAR T cell therapy process and key considerations for each candidate, including patient evaluation; select considerations around CAR T cell infusion; factors that may be associated with poor outcomes and toxicities; and how bridging therapy and prior treatments might affect CAR T therapy.

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Module 3: Apheresis

Learn about leukapheresis and cell transport and the importance of apheresis and its different types, processes, and potential adverse events. Includes clinical assessments prior to leukapheresis, patient education pre- and post-collection, technical considerations, and information on scheduling and shipping.

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Module 4: Bridging Therapy and Lymphodepleting Chemotherapy

Learn about the role of bridging therapy, its coordination and delivery, and various bridging therapy options; the purpose of lymphodepleting (LD) chemotherapy and its impact on the immune system; the LD regimens used in CAR T cell trials; the potential for toxicity; and how LD chemotherapy is delivered.

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Module 5: CAR T Cell Infusion

Learn about shipment from manufacturing facility to treatment site, product storage, preparing the patient for treatment, pretreatment considerations, product preparation for infusion, line setup and infusion, sites and infusion, risk evaluation and mitigation strategy for infusion, and team coordination.

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Module 6: Management of Patients Receiving CAR T Cell Therapy: CRS and Neurotoxicity

Learn about serious and life-threatening adverse reactions that can follow CAR T cell therapy: the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and signs and symptoms of CRS and NT; CRS and NT recognition and management; macrophage activation syndrome; ASTCT consensus grading and management for CRS and NT; and ICE scoring for NT.

ASTCT, American Society for Transplantation and Cellular Therapy; CRS, cytokine release syndrome; ICE, immune effector cell–associated encephalopathy; NT, neurologic toxicity.

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Module 7: Long-term Follow-up of Patients Receiving CAR T Cell Therapy

Learn about the need for long-term follow-up, transfer back to the referring provider, the physiologic effects of post-CAR T cell therapy, cytopenias, infections, hypogammaglobulinemia, secondary malignancies, late neurologic toxicities, fatigue, infertility, restaging scans, managing relapse, psychosocial effects of CAR T cell therapy and strategies for its management, logistical considerations for CAR T cell therapy, and patient registry and data capture.

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Module 8: CAR T Cell Program Setup

Learn about the institutional infrastructure of CAR T cell programs; determining program oversight; programs within and separate from a blood and marrow transplant program; program establishment, operations, and roles; and logistical considerations.

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Module 9: Outpatient Monitoring

Learn about outpatient monitoring for CAR T cell therapy: administration considerations, post-infusion monitoring, and caregiver involvement.

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Module 10: CAR T Cell Therapy Case Simulator

Review a patient history with management questions. Learn about eligibility criteria for CAR T cell therapy; pre-infusion management; delivery of LD chemotherapy; CAR T cell infusion; and post-infusion management, including inpatient vs outpatient monitoring. Track acute toxicities and learn about CRS recognition, ASTCT consensus grading and management of CRS and NT, ICE scoring for NT, post-infusion toxicities, and hypogammaglobulinemia.

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